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  1. WARRANTY for Bearford™ diesel generator sets Warranty

Bearford™ diesel generator sets have been designed, hand assembled, tested under different loads range, inspected and completely prepared for long hard work by trained and highly skilled technicians. Bearford™ Corp warrants the end user for the period indicated below that each new diesel generator to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Any repair, replacement or suitable adjustment at Bearford™ Corp option will be furnished if the product upon Bearford™ Corp inspection is found to be properly: installed, maintained, and operated in accordance with Bearford™ Corp supplied instruction manuals. This warranty does not apply to failure caused by: damage, misuse, service or repair by unauthorized persons. The vendor shall not be personally responsible for any damages, defects, claims and/or demands arising from the sale to the purchaser of this product. All such claims shall be the responsibility of the manufacturer and the purchaser so agrees and the purchaser shall be bound and limited by the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions.

  1. Bearford™ diesel generators are warranted to be free from defect in material and workmanship under normal use and service during the warranty period. We provide 2-4 years warranty period for diesel generators assemblies. Warranted period shall be indicated at the time of purchase or when you get our quote as it is different for different types of diesel generators.

  2. Minimum limited warranty is 2 years or 2000 hours ( whatever happens earlier ) for prime power and standby diesel generator set assemblies.

  3. Bearford™ diesel generator sets warranty applies to new products sold in the United States and is limited to the free parts replacement during all warranty period or defective unit replacement of Bearford™ diesel generator sets within 7 days of receipt by the purchaser.

  4. If any part of diesel generator set proves to be broken or defective during the warranty period and it is not covered by the original part manufacturer warranty, we will repair or replace, at our option, any part of diesel generator proved to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use during the applicable warranty period. Warranty repairs and replacements will be made without any charge for parts.

  5. Our warranty is easy and fast. You make a photo of the part to be replaced, provide us with your diesel generator serial number by e-mail warranty@bearford.com  and we send the part to you by USPS within 2 days.

  6. If your diesel generator is damaged in shipping arranged by us, you must report us any shipping damage within 48 hours of generator delivery, so we can help process the appropriate claims with the shippers immediately.

  7. Many Bearford™ diesel generators parts manufacturers provide their U.S. nationwide warranties for diesel engines, alternators, emission control systems and other main parts of diesel generator sets. If such warranty from original part manufacturers exists and the covered part is out of the order or broken during the warranty period  Bearford™ Corp will assist our clients to solve warranty issues with the diesel generators components manufacturers though any claims for damage to these parts must be made by the customer directly with the original part manufacturer.

  8. If the original diesel generator part manufacturer does not provide warranty cover in the U.S. then it will be covered by this warranty.

  9. Anything replaced under warranty becomes the property of Bearford™ Corp or original part manufacturer and must be returned to us. All diesel generator parts replaced under warranty will be considered as part of the original product and warranty on those parts will expire coincident with the original product warranty.

  10. To report warranty issue - please, keep your invoice or sales receipt. Telephone support is available however we prefer you use e-mail for initial contact so we can investigate any issues you may have.

  11. Warranty coverage is for the original retail purchaser and transferable only with our written confirmation.

  12. Your invoice, sales receipt, sales contract and these terms of sale are to be construed and are to be governed by the law of the Oregon state and any and all judicial and court proceedings shall only be commenced and initiated in the Oregon.


  14. There is no labor warranty. Bearford™ Corp offers no additional warranty. You must inspect all equipment prior to use and take full responsibility for assuring the equipment is in good working order. The diesel generator is shipped without fuel, oil and antifreeze and the user will need to add oil prior to operation. The battery is shipped dry without distilled water.

  15. There are existing standards for non-road diesel fuel specifications and storage. Fuel stored for 6 months or more will degrade naturally, accumulate water from condensation, and grow bacteria. Many things can accumulate inside an unused diesel tank causing the diesel to turn to sludge. Stagnate diesel can become an unreliable fuel source creating an unreliable generator power source. Such degraded fuel or wrong grade diesel fuel with high sulfur content can damage your diesel generator advanced low emission exhaust system. Such diesel generator faults or non-functioning are not covered by this warranty.

  16. This warranty for diesel generators does not extend to diesel generator parts affected by the absence of recommended service and in time maintenance, use of non original replacement and consumable parts or use of unsuitable attachments or parts, and unauthorized service, use of wrong lubrication oil, antifreeze, fuel type or fuel contamination.

  17. This warranty for diesel generators does not extend to diesel generator parts affected by any misuse of power generator as: failure to ground, short, sudden changes in load that result in voltage spikes or diesel generator overloading, unbalanced single phase loads to 3 phase alternator,  accident and/or collision, corrosion or rust,  use generator in an application for which it was not designed, or any other misuse.

  18. Consumable parts, such as batteries, air filter, oil filter or fuel filters, fuel cut off valve, brushes, fuel injection nozzle valve, lubricant, or ignition plug, are not covered under this warranty. All expenses incurred in maintaining and replacing them shall fall on the purchaser. Damage to voltage regulators caused by a generator overload will not be covered.

  19. The following and not covered by this warranty: Normal engine and/or generator wear. Normal wear items, including but not limited to: turbo, fuel injector(s), starter, alternator and electronic components.  Troubleshooting, routine service, tune-ups, belts, hoses, clamps, filters, exhaust system components, fuel system components, gaskets, and/or seals. Damage caused by accidents, improper installation or handling and/or improper storage.  Damage caused by water ingestion or electrolysis. Damage caused by ingestion of substances other than clean filtered air, fuel or intake water.  Damage caused by faulty repairs performed by a repair facility not authorized in writing by Bearford™ Corp. Damage caused by operation with improper fuel or at speeds, loads, conditions, modifications, or installation contrary to published specifications or recommendations. Original installation charges and startup costs. Diesel generator removal and / or re-installation charges of more than 1-hour labor for outside or above deck units and 4-hours for inside or below deck units. Starting batteries. Loss of revenue or the rental of equipment due to down time.

  20. Damage caused by negligent maintenance such as:  Failure to provide the specified type and sufficient quantity of lubricating oil, cooling air and/or coolant. Failure to provide adequate air intake and/or maintenance of the air intake system.  Failure to perform scheduled maintenance as prescribed in supplied manuals. Engine fluids such as fuel, oil or antifreeze/coolant. Shop supplies such as adhesives, cleaning agents and rags. Use of other than factory supplied or approved repair parts or procedures. Replacement of a failed Bearford part with a non-Bearford™ part voids Bearford™ Corp warranty on this part or failures caused by this part.  Fuel injection pumps not repaired locally by an authorized servicing dealer. Expenses incurred investigating performance complaints. Generator sets used in rental applications.

  21. Bearford™ diesel generator sets warranty does not include any costs of removal, installation, labor, freight, inconvenience or consequential damages.

  22. Under this Warranty we do not have the obligation to bear any transportation fees of any product to client from us and from client to us though we usually pay from our pocket the transportation fees for small diesel generator parts posting by USPS as a sign of good will to our Bearford™ diesel generator sets purchasers.

  23. Under this Warranty we do not cover any shipping damage to diesel generators caused by contracted shippers. Any claims for damage resulting from shipping must be made by the customer directly with the shipping company.


  25. The Content included in this Web site has been compiled from a variety of sources and is subject to change without notice as are any products, programs, offerings, or technical information described in this Web site. Bearford™ Corp makes no representation or warranty whatsoever regarding the completeness, quality, or adequacy of the Web site or Content, or the suitability, functionality, or operation of this Web site or its Content. By using this Web site, you assume the risk that the Content on this Web site may be inaccurate, incomplete, offensive, or may not meet your needs and requirements.

  26. Bearford™ Corp will not be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages of any kind including, but not limited to any and all financial loses, costs, expenses, work stoppages, loss of product, loss of inventory, damages to property, damages to assets, repair and/or replacement claims and /or demands, labor costs, installation charges, telephone charges, or transportation charges including air fare in connection with the replacement or repair of defective parts, whether by the purchaser and/or by any third party, arising out of the purchase and use of the equipment herein regardless of the cause of the said damages, losses, claims and/or demands.

  27. Liability is limited to the pro-rated cost of repairing or replacing such defective or failed part(s) provided the costs of such repair does not exceed the original diesel generator unit cost. Limits may exist for mileage, travel and labor.

  28. This warranty is offered in lieu of, and supersedes any other warranty or guarantee, including the implied warranty of merchantability or suitability for a particular purpose.

  29. Bearford™ Corp will not be liable for any general, special, incidental or consequential damages beyond the express terms hereof. No person, agent or dealer is authorized to give any warranties on the behalf of Bearford™ Corp, nor is to assume for this company any other liability in connection with any of its products unless made in writing and signed by an officer of Bearford™ Corp.

  30. It is the intention of the parties that any claim, action or proceeding arising from or in connection with issues of warranty, shall be resolved by final & binding arbitration in the state of Oregon in the Lane county. Arbitration shall be by a single arbitrator experienced in the matters at issue in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. A complaint must have sought recourse through litigation (and been denied) from each subsequent installer and seller before entering into arbitration with Bearford™ Corp.

  31. Bearford™ Corp maximum liability will not exceed Bearford™ Corp’s selling price of diesel generator and will be prorated from the original purchase date at the rate of 1.66% per month based on Bearford™ Corp’s selling price of unit. Each party shall be responsible for its own legal expenses and court fees incurred in connection with any such arbitration proceeding. The decision of the arbitrator shall be binding and final.



  34. Purchasing long life power equipment like diesel generators combine us with our dealers and clients for many years.

  35. We respect our clients needs and do our best to provide all desired service for them.

  36. We arrange repair, maintenance and installation through our dealers nationwide.

  37. We support our diesel generators with the parts and filters during all their life even if the parts installed to our diesel generators ( diesel engines, alternators, controllers ) are not produced anymore by original manufacturers.






  43. All imported and manufactured in U.S. Bearford™ diesel generators correspond to the latest EPA tier 3 / tier 4 emission standards reducing exhaust pollution more then 10 times comparing to standard diesel generators.


BEARFORD™ diesel generators make world cleaner