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  1. More then 2 millions of diesel generators are used nationwide. Each year around 120,000 new diesel generators are built in our country. Together with the highway engines of motor vehicles, non-road engines of power generating industry are the main sources of air pollution and serious public health problems in the United States. Millions of Americans continue to live in areas with unhealthy air quality. The hazardous impact to the nature is also a significant concern for all us. How to improve situation?

  2. In 2004 Environment Protection Agency ( EPA ) developed final new emission standards. Basing on CLEAN AIR ACT EPA has adopted a comprehensive Clean Diesel national program to reduce emissions from future non-road diesel engines by integrating engine and fuel controls as a system to gain the greatest emission reductions.

  3. To meet these emission standards, engine manufacturers began to produce so-called tier 3 and tier 4 new diesel engines with advanced emission-control technologies similar to those already applied for highway trucks and buses. New tier 3 and tier 4 diesel engine standards began to take effect in the 2008 model year, phasing in over a number of years.

  4. Exhaust emissions from these new generation CLEAN DIESEL ENGINES will decrease by more than 90 percent from the existing levels, resulting in annual reductions of 738,000 tons of NOx and 120,000 tons of PM annually when fully implemented. Their application will provide particulate matter reductions of 95 percent, nitrogen oxides reductions of 90 percent, and the virtual elimination of sulfur oxides from non-road engines meeting the new standards. These reductions in NOx and PM emissions from non-road diesel engines will provide enormous public health benefits.

  5. EPA estimates that by 2030, controlling these emissions would annually prevent 12,000 premature deaths, 8,900 hospitalizations, and one million work days lost.

  6. Our mission is to be in the mainstream of these clean air efforts by manufacturing diesel generator sets with the tier 3 and tier 4 diesel engines from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers as Cummins, John Deere, Perkins, Volvo,  Yanmar and others .

  7. The main difference between these new generation CLEAN DIESEL engines and old tier 2 diesel engines is the emission level. It is like a modern vehicle exhaust compared to the heavy smoke of old clunker.

  8. The cleaner exhaust is achieved by implementation of several modern advanced emission-control technologies which make tier 3 / tier 4 diesel engines much more expensive then standard diesel engines of previous generation ( tier 2 and older ).

  9. Other pros for modern engines are higher reliability, less fuel consumption, extended durability.

  10. Our main advantage is offering affordable prices for diesel generators powered by modern engines on the same level or even cheaper then our competitors sell standard engines powered diesel generator sets.

  11. A few clients know it, but it is very important to buy a low emission diesel generator now. Since 2008 EPA places the technical, financial and legal responsibility for the new emission regulations corresponding  to the owners and users of diesel generators.

  12. The life time of the modern diesel generator achieves 30,000 hours or 30 years in stand-by mode. Sometimes it is not technically possible or worth doing for the owners of out-of-standard diesel generators to upgrade exhaust systems. So the best choice now is to chose the modern diesel generator which will correspond to all regulations and demands during all the life time.

  13. Our team of industry specialists with many years background provide America with the most modern tier 3 and tier 4 EPA regulations  corresponding diesel generators of wide power range from 8 kW to 500 kW at affordable prices.

“How our diesel generators make world cleaner?

Bearford™ diesel generator sets based on the latest engine emission-control technologies replace old fashioned diesel generators exhausting heavy smoke. Each sold by us diesel generator reduces overhall air pollution and greenhouse effects” -

Andrey G. Kipor, President of Bearford Corp.

BEARFORD™ diesel generators make world cleaner